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Samoa Joe To Be A ‘Paul Heyman Guy’?

Being booked as “The Beast” vs. “The Destroyer,” Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe will headline the Great Balls of Fire event for the WWE Universal Championship. After Samoa Joe won a No. 1 contender’s match to gain the opportunity of facing Lesnar for the title, he has spent the weeks leading to the pay-per-view playing mind games to both Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman. In fact, Joe delivered the first blow when he cornered Heyman and executed his Coquina Clutch submission move.

Joe then went face to face with Lesnar the following week on Raw. Proving that he is not intimidated by the champion, Joe headbutted Lesnar, causing him to stagger. The two then began to brawl, having to be stopped by the roster who ran from backstage. Joe continued to one-up Lesnar by attacking him from behind while he was walking down the ramp. During their sit-down interview, Joe proceeded to further emphasize that he is not afraid of Lesnar, even to the point of getting up and looking for him, before finding him and having to be stopped by personnel once again.

During an interview at the Great Balls of Fire Kickoff Show, Heyman was a part of a sit-down interview. Interestingly, Heyman decided to stand up the entire time, for the purposes of preparing himself just in case Joe sneaks him from behind like he did to Lesnar.

Heyman emphasized that Lesnar will not leave the same way that he came, and it will be a fight. He also stated that this will not be a simple strategy of multiple suplexes followed by a pinfall victory, but it will require more to take out Joe. However, in the end, Heyman does believe that Lesnar will prevail as victorious.

The question was asked during the interview of whether Heyman would manage Joe, and include him as a part of his advocacy. Heyman stated that Joe jumped him from behind, and choked him out. He also stated that he is an “exclusive advocate” for Lesnar, followed by, “I respectfully pass on the offer.”

Although the initial plan is that this match between the two is simply a one-off, placing Heyman in the corner of Joe could certainly present some intriguing angles.

[Featured Image By WWE]